Marine Flooring

105 Luna Silver Marine Carpet

from 411.00

DECKadence Luna Silver Marine Carpeting is a technologically advanced product consisting of poly vinyl and PVC that is treated with UV inhibitors, anti-microbial composites, resins, and a secret recipe that contributes to the longevity and durability of the boat flooring.  These are the feature’s you’ll get with our marine carpet that you’ll be hard pressed to find with other marine flooring:

  • Prevents slipping (decreasing the risk of injury)
  • Protects the surfaces (no more sliding anchors or loose debris scratching your deck)
  • Looks and feels great (DMF completes your boat, even makes it look roomier, covers unsightly deck hatches, and feels great to the human touch)
  • Buffers the engine noise and heat
  • Absorbs the shock from the constant impact of riding
  • Custom fits (not a patch job)
  • Anti-microbial UV stabilizers insures the longevity for years to come
  • Always looks clean, because the surface flushes dirt to the bottom and then out after hosing. (hey… no more dirty foot prints!)
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